How do business travelers choose business backpacks?

Column:Comany News Time:2020-08-11
With the development of the luggage industry, all kinds of business backpacks on the market are dazzlingly dazzling, which really makes buyers feel troubled, so how should business travelers choose business backpacks?

[China Gift Net News] When we need to travel on business for business negotiations, various important documents, laptops, even clothes and other indispensable items may "annoy" us. I don’t know how to store them. If we have one A decent and practical business backpack can fully meet the needs of users. However, with the development of the luggage industry, a wide variety of business backpacks on the market are indeed troublesome for purchasers. How to buy for business travelers What about business backpacks?

One, business backpack style

Since it is a business backpack for business travelers, high-end high-grade is the first choice. Secondly, the appearance design beauty of the style is also quite important. The traditional style backpack has incomparable maturity and unique business charm, which is favored by business men; so Choosing a classic business backpack not only likes the employees, but also shows the corporate brand image, and at the same time can drive a certain degree of noise.

2. Business backpack structure

Taking into account the use of business travelers, in addition to various important documents, daily washing clothes is also indispensable, a large enough space is required for a multifunctional bag; at the same time, the design should try to meet the needs of business travelers, and the shoulder straps must be wide to spread the weight In each part of the backpack, the additional soft padding on the shoulder strap can effectively reduce the weight of the backpack; secondly, the design of the decompression function of the carrying system makes it easier for users to carry; the zipper has the anti-theft function to make users more Safe to use.

Three, business backpack fabric

You need to have a high-quality business backpack. The fabric is naturally the top priority. Usually traditional business backpacks are made of 900D and 1680D Oxford nylon materials; the surface feels smooth and delicate, with a certain waterproof effect, and the material yarn quality is rough. Strong and wear-resistant.

Fourth, business backpack workmanship 

A high-end and high-end business backpack, the workmanship is very fine, the stitching is even and beautiful, the stitch pitch is fine, the surface is not wrinkled, and the LOGO font is very clear and clean; so when you buy it, try to find a professional backpack manufacturer or a big brand to cooperate Customized by the manufacturer, quality assurance can be obtained more effectively.

For employees and guests to send the company's care, you can choose a good-quality business backpack for him, and warm each other's hearts. In short, I hope everyone can carefully remember the above purchasing skills and methods, and everyone should shop more Three, in this way, there will be more opportunities to buy a suitable business backpack.