How to choose a sports backpack for outdoor travel?

Column:Comany News Time:2020-08-11
Travel backpacks are divided into sports travel backpacks and leisure travel backpacks. There is not much difference between leisure travel backpacks and ordinary backpacks.

[China Gift Net News] Travel backpacks are an indispensable and important item for outings for friends who are traveling. Travel backpacks are divided into sports travel backpacks and leisure travel backpacks. There is not much difference between leisure travel backpacks and ordinary backpacks. , Only the selection of sports travel backpacks needs to be strictly required, so that it can better help sports outdoors.

1. Carrying system of sports travel backpack  

The carrying system of the sports travel backpack consists of shoulder straps, waist belts and chest straps. These three have the most contact with the body. Therefore, they need to be soft, breathable, tough and bear weight to meet the needs of the human body. It is also necessary to design and adjust the buckle. Decide to use size according to different body types.  

Another important point of the backpack system is the "perspiration wicking system". As we ride and walk, the back of the backpack is close to the back of the backpack, so there are two structures on the back of the backpack, one is a ventilation structure and the other is a breathable structure. The ventilation structure is mainly through the sandwich mesh material commonly used in sports backpacks, that is, the mesh lattice, through this contact with the back, so that the sweat of the back during exercise can easily be sucked into it and discharged with the air. The ventilation structure is a travel backpack and the back part. This kind of special foam material has good perspiration and breathability, which can basically ensure the dryness of the back.

Two, sports travel backpack quality

During sports travel, the backpack often touches the ground, walls, etc., and it is easy to cause damage to the backpack. Therefore, manufacturers with good material requirements for travel backpacks will choose strong and wear-resistant nylon as the main material. The appearance is also strong. Moreover, there are always unexpected events in the travel backpack. Nylon materials are even more waterproof. The density of nylon materials is measured by D. The higher the D number, the stronger the waterproofness.

Three, sports travel backpack function 

The function of the sports travel backpack includes the capacity of the backpack and additional storage functions. Some backpacks look very small, but the internal storage space is large. This is due to its design structure. The internal design structure of the sports travel backpack is wide and long. Store according to your needs, just remember to start from the bottom "from heavy to light, from large items to daily necessities".  

The additional functions are shown in the details. In the convenience of use, there are side pockets for storing water glasses and umbrellas, which can be directly dealt with when it is raining or thirsty. There is also a small socket on the belt that can store small samples of mobile phones and cameras. The double slider zipper opening design for easy retrieval allows you to retrieve items from both sides or use it as a sign to clearly let you know where you put those items. Disrupt the location of items.  

We love travel and sports, so choosing a good sports travel backpack is responsible for yourself. If your team is a new travel team, it is recommended to choose a sports travel backpack, you can refer to the above points to buy directly. Travel backpack.