About  Uripower

Uripower is a professional company specialised in bags.It devotes itself in product designs, manufacturing and sales and offers wide ranges of products including but not limit to the outdoor, travelling, business and leisure bags. The company insists on establishing the concept of brand management,constantly developing and innovating products and strictly controlling product quality.



Urban Sports Backpack


Urban Sports Backpack


The simple and fashionable shape, the constant trend appearance, and the outdoor nine character hook with space aluminum alloy texture are properly integrated into the backpack, showing the fashionable sports style


1/采用新概念环保材料 Use new dynamic recycle material,environmental and lightweight. 2/肩带独特的2用设计,手提和单肩自由切换 2 in 1 unique design for shoulder strap,free toggle between hand bag and shoulder bag. 3/logo厚版印刷,对应扣具 Thick printing logo,matching the eyelets 4/内部大空间,Large capacity 特殊EVA ipad保护袋:Unique EVA protector for ipad 5/斜插前小袋:A design pocket,easy to take out the neseccary items 6/后背隐藏拉链袋:A hidden pocket on back side,for some important personal items.


Classic Casual Backpack


1/Metal plate 铁牌 2/Waterproof zippers 全仿水拉链 3/Front zipper pocket 前袋文组袋 4/Soft handle 软手感手把 5/Large internal space design Convenient storage space ​6/ERGONOMICS BACK DESIGN The back pad is made of air permeable foam that feel soft on your back and weight balance。 后片结构以及优质三明治透气网 7/Trolley Belt A luggage strap allows backpack fit on luggage/suitcase, slide over the luggage upright handle tube for easier carrying.


1/Metal plate with PU patch 皮革+金属logo 2/Waterproof zippers前小袋仿水拉链 3/Large internal space design超大主仓空间 4/Expandable side pocket for bottle or umbrella可扩容双侧袋 5/special material for the shoulder straps肩带内侧的3D蜂窝内衬 6/PU leather 底部材料PU革 7/Shoulder straps are designed to protect your shoulders 人体工程学的肩带设计


Daily Computer Backpack


1/卷口设计 Roll top design 2/亚光金属勾扣High quality mett metal hooks 3/侧袋,可放置水壶或者雨伞Side pocket for bottle or umbrella 4/大容量主袋 方便收纳Large internal spacce design,Convenient storage space 5/反光丝印Reflective printing ​6/尼龙革Nylon Leather decoratio


Travel Bag 30